Jul 3, 2010

Online tools for Writers

Happy 4th of July Weekend! Hope you guys are enjoying the firework dislays that are everwhere. I know I am. :)
Just thought I'd make a small list of Online Tools for Writers. I seem to have a thing for lists...hehe...I make them all the time.

Useful Online Tools for Writers:

Write or Die-

An online tool for writers who get distracted. If you stop writing for too long it will make a noise and flash until you write more.


PDF Creator-
Make a PDF file for your novel so that when you send it out for critiques it’s in a safer format.


Creative Writing Prompts-
Prompts are a great way to build your writing skills. Try them out some time.


Use tagcrowd to highlights words that are used repetitively in your manuscript. The bigger the word is in the word cloud, the more frequently you have used it. Chances are that the word you used too much could need editing. For example: I used the word “looked” too much, and had to find substitutes/ better ways to describe the action of “looking.”


Readers/critique partners-
Probably the most important one. Find someone who you trust and gives constructive criticism, and ask them to read your work. There are many critque sites online where you can find critique partners. I suggest you google that one and find the one thats right for you.



  1. Great links! Hope you have a magical 4th! :)

  2. Achhh...post went away!!

    Thanks for pointing this out. I would have missed it. I saw the title and simply clicked next in Google Reader.


  3. Good tips! Another way to keep writing is to go to a retreat where there's no TV and Internet. Just got back from one.

  4. Great advice Catherine! I've had to do a number of these retreats throughout the week--especially now that its summer and its so nice outside, lol. :)


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