Aug 19, 2010


Hey Guys! I’ve compiled a list of all the on-going giveaways I’m currently aware of. Visit the following blogs and their links to be able to win amazing books and prizes.

JASounders in having a Mockingjay pre-ordered giveaway!

Visit the Butterfly to win a signed copy of Delcroix Academy!

Visit Tahereh’s blog at Grab a Pen , she’s giving away “free money”!

Visit Carol's Prints, she's having yet another ARC giveaway!

Sara is having an ARC giveaway at her blog Babbling Flow!

Visit Jessie’s blog The Daily Harrell for her Soul Screamers Giveaway!

Visit Oasis for YA to win a copy of Broken Lake


  1. You have such an adorable and fun blog it's hard not to smile each time I come over for a visit! Then here you are sharing some awesome giveaways... what's not to love!

    Thanks for the awesome links!

  2. Awww Thanks Jen & Angie!
    I wish you luck in winning if you decide to enter.

  3. Thanks for the contest mention! <3 So many out there right now! Awesome linkage :D

  4. Yeah, there really are a lot.
    Thanks for hosting yet another giveaway Carol. :D


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