Aug 31, 2010

Paranormalcy is out!!!

I know I’m not the only one who’s running to the bookstore and get Paranormalcy by Keirsten White. I love debut novels—especially paranormal ones –and after reading the first couple of chapters on the HarperTeen website which can be viewed here, I cannot wait to start reading the rest of it.
Congratulations Keirsten!!!
Other YA debut novels that came out today:

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto.(written by a very talented 15 year old girl *eep!*  whose already sold mutiple books before!)  I mean, imagine being that young and already having an agent and tons of books in publication. Simply amazing!!

Check out the Halo Trailer here. It's awesome!

Congratulations Alexandra!!!



  1. I just did some research and at the moment Alexandra is 18 yrs old.

    Here's some more details from the HarperTeen website:

    Alexandra Adornetto was only thirteen when she wrote The Shadow Thief. Now fifteen, Alexandra has won various awards for her writing and in 2006 won the State Legacy Public Speaking competition. Her future aspirations are to work full time writing novels and screenplays, while also pursuing a career as an actor.

  2. That's amazing. If only I could go back and start that young. All of the above books are on my must read list. I don't know where to start! Such great choices.

  3. wow! I'm so stunned by these covers. They're gorgeous!!! :D

  4. @Karen-I don't know where to start either.0_0

    @LTM- I know, I love them too!!

  5. And here I thought you'd found out something on coming trends... I nearly panicked! teehee. These do look great, and VERY impressive to be so young and already successful as a writer.


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