Oct 21, 2010

50th Follower Party

It’s a lot less empty here than when I started blogging last May. My small voice started off as a echo is a large empty hallway, to a much louder voice. So I just wanted to say thank you to all my followers—for listening to my rants and helping me grow as a writer. I made some really awesome friends here, and learned a lot more about both publishing and novel-writing.

October is nearly over and once November starts I’m going to be busy as ever with Nanowrimo and school activities. I’ll try to post either here or on the NaNo blog as often as I can.

Also I’ve written this article on How To Write a Query Letter on the Writing Tab. Feel free to check it out for those of you who aren’t already familiar with it.

Happy Writing,


Random Question:

Every Halloween I feel so tempted to write a short story in the horror genre. It always ends up being about a kid going into a haunted house and getting scared out of his wits. Haha :) Is anyone else thinking about writing a short story for Halloween?



  1. 50 followers! Congratulations!
    Thanks again for answering my Miyazaki question:)) Your answer was very close! (I've updated the post).

    I am a total non-fiction writer-- all you guys writing a novel in a month, Wow! Just, wow! Gambatte, Ezmirelda!

  2. I haven't written a scary story because I don't have lots of time but I love writing scary scenes especially for my mystery novels.


  3. @Amy- Arigatou gozaimashita! Watashi wa totemo tsukaretta desu. Demo, nanowrimo ga tanoshi desu.(<-I hope this makes sense, I've only been taking Japanese for 2 years now)

    @Clarissa- I think I'm going to have to start reading some mystery books. I try to be a more well-rounded reader but I always end up going stright to the YA sections. :)

  4. Ezmmirelda-- Kampeki desu yo! Ni nenkan shika Nihongo wo benkyou shiteinai no? Honto? Sugoi, ne! Nihongo wa mo totemo jouzu desu yo. Kondo, kanji de kaite agemashouka:))?

  5. I'd love to write a short story for Halloween, but I can't manage to get my horror groove on.

  6. I can't write a short story to save my life (I've tried) but I do love a nice spooky theme... I really ought to give horror a try at some point.

  7. @yoko- I'm not so good at writing Kanji but I can speak japanese a lot more easier than I could write it. Heheh I'm really want to become fluent but I don't think that will happen unless I actually get to live there for a year or two (hopefully very soon). ;)

  8. I'm not, actually, but it sounds like fun! Congrats on all the followers--you're doing awesome. And good luck w/NaNo! :o)

  9. Ez--if you come to Japan as an exchange student (or just travelling:)), you'll come visit, right:))! Come on in, take yer shoes off!


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