Mar 23, 2011

Hunger Games Update #2

I found an update on the casting decision for Jennifer Lawrence. After reading this article it made me feel a little better about her ability to play Katniss. You can read the article here.

So I taught it would be nice to have a little discussion about the book since we're on the topic.
Which character do you miss the most from the Hunger Games? (Only applies to characters that have died).

*Caution: If you have not read Catching Fire or Mockingjay be aware of spoilers from this point on.

There were so many characters that died in Mockingjay that I was left dumbfounded. The person who I missed the most was actually not in Mockingjay but in the first two books—Cinna. Even though Cinna wasn’t a main character I found that he was my favorite. I remember when I first started reading the Hunger Games that I always looked forward to the scenes he was in. I honestly taught that he would still be alive in Mockinjay and so was crushed when I found out he hadn't survived.

The deaths that were the hardest for me to deal with was Finnick’s. In Mockingjay the way Finnick died was so fleeting that I had to read it over again to make sense of what had happened. In fact a lot of the deaths that happened in Mockingjay were rushed, but I guess that in the character’s situation that it’s understandable. It’s not like Katniss had enough time to stop and try to save her friends. It surprised me how quick Katniss got over Finnick’s death, even if she was being chased. I really wish that there was a little more said about him in the book after he had died.

What do you think about the deaths in the Hunger Games? Which character do you miss the most? And what do you think about Jennifer’s casting after reading the article?

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