Mar 18, 2011

Hunger Games Update: Katniss

Today I found out who is casted for Katniss in the Hunger Games movie. I’d be completely lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed to see who they chose. It was announced on March 16th that actress Jennifer Lawrence will be playing the role of Katniss Everdeen. (Yeah, I’m a little late on getting the news…)

The main reason why I was disappointed was because of her age. Jennifer is 20 and in the Hunger Games Katniss is only supposed to be 16. I mean, I know Hollywood can work wonders with makeup and costume, but still I can’t imagine Jennifer Lawrence as our 16 yr-old Katniss.

I have high hopes for this movie because I loved the book so much. I’m just hoping that I’ll be surprised and actually end up liking it. I mean, some of the Harry Potter movies weren’t so bad about sticking to the plot, but I still ended up saying “that’s not supposed to happen that way!” practically the whole movie anyhow. The only book-turned-movies I’ve watched that stuck entirely to the plot are from BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).

What do you think of the casting of Hunger Games so far? Have you heard any rumors about who’s getting the other lead roles?


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