Apr 3, 2011

APRIL: Sites for Writers

For fantasy writers a great resource would be mythcreatures.co.uk

This website provides great information on creatures you might not have ever heard of. If you’re tired of using the same paranormal critters all the time then this is the site for you.

I also recommend these articles from Victoria Mixon’s website:

5 Ways To Make Your Novel Unforgettable

5 Ways to Make Your Novel Helplessly Addictive

For those of you who have trouble beginning your novel then I suggest these articles from the Writer’s Digest website:

From Idea to Page in 4 Simple Steps

10 Ways to Start Your Story Better

OR if you have trouble finding the right way to end your novel try this article:

Returning Characters to Life

If you are more of a visual person then I suggest you watch these ehow videos on Youtube.

*Look in the suggestions corner and find more videos by Laura Turner.

I also thought these videos by TheRobinRice were extremely helpful so check those out too. :)

How To Write a Blockbuster

Happy Writing,


*edit - I found this post on Julie's Website that I thought was really important for every writer to know: How to handle negative comments about your book.

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