Jun 1, 2011

Iron Knight Cover Revealed!

In case you guys didn't know I am a huge fan of the Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa. There are 3 books out so far:  The Iron King, Iron Daughter, Iron Queen (You can see them spinning on the picture above)

And coming soon....

The Iron Knight

Isn't the cover just awesome? :)



  1. AHHHHH!!!!

    I have been trying for the past MONTHS to buy the Iron Fey series, but nooooooo my local Barnes & Nobles doesn't have it! UGH!! How can they not have it?!? It was like Book of The Year, for God's sake!!

    Eeshie is jealous. But yeah, it really does look amazing :D

  2. I really LOVE the cover too!!! The colours they've used are so gorgeous and I like how it still looks familiar with the previous novels in the series.

  3. such a beautiful cover! that male model of Ash is pretty hottt :)

    Diana @The Lovely Getaway


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