Jun 26, 2011

On Blogging: Mobile

I recently learned how to install the mobile version of blogger.
It looks sort of like this —>

You won’t be able to see the stuff on the sidebar, but if you want you can scroll down to the end of the page (on the mobile version) and revert back to the web version. The mobile version makes it easier to view web pages on mobile devices.

To get the mobile version for your blog (if you use blogger) go to draft.blogger.com (aka the dashboard)

Then go to settings email & mobile and click “yes…” 

Don’t forget the save button at the bottom. :)


  1. I'm using this too now - much better for people using their phones to view the blog.
    Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

  2. I just did this two days ago. Weird. Lol. I stumbled across it and thought, "eh, why not?"

  3. Great advice...will do next time. (am now in my mobile) :-)

  4. Cool! Thanks for the tip! I just followed your instructions, and it was so easy to change it to a mobile version for my blog... :)


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