Jul 15, 2011

YA Books Turning Into Movies (Part 2) + Exciting News!

The producing team behind the hit CW series Gossip Girl is taking on another best-selling young adult novel -- and this one is bound for the big screen.

Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage of the Paramount-based Fake Empire shingle and Alloy Entertainment’s Leslie Morgenstein and Bob Levy have set up The Luxe at Paramount and have tapped Bess Wohl to pen the screenplay.

A sort of The Age of Innocence meets Gossip Girl, Luxe tracks four teens set in 19th century New York and features conflicts between old money and new money, the upper class and lower class, and star-crossed lovers. Four of the Alloy Entertainment books by Anna Godbersen have been published, all hitting the New York Times best-seller list. (Cited from Hollywoodreporter.com)
In other movie news are any of you going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 this weekend? I can't believe it's going to be the last movie. I'm never going to stop obsessing over the magical world of Hogwarts and the boy with the lightening scar on his forehead. I'll probably keep reading the books over and over again until I've read it so many times that I've got it memorized. But at least we have Pottermore to keep our Harry Potter fandom alive.

And also this little bit of exciting news:

Start all the clocks and plug the telephone back in: JK Rowling has provided a shred of comfort to the millions of mourners lamenting the release of the final Harry Potter movie with the revelation that she has written "quite a lot" of new material and has plans to publish it.

Speaking at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two, Rowling told MTV News that "I'm writing, and I've done quite a lot since finishing Harry Potter". She expanded further to BBC News, saying "I think I always felt I didn't want to publish again until the last film was out because Potter has been such a huge thing in my life. I've been writing hard ever since I finished writing Hallows, so I've got a lot of stuff and I suppose it's a question of deciding which one comes out first. But I will publish again. In a sense it's a beginning for me as well as an end."

The author has previously said that she is working on a political fairytale for slightly younger children, revealing in 2009 that "I think that will probably be the next thing that I finish".

Rowling has also spoken of writing an encyclopedia of the Potter universe, although it seems likely that her new venture, Pottermore, which will feature over 18,000 words of new Potter content penned by the author, will be the location for any further Potter-related material. And the author has mentioned plans for a book aimed at adults, saying in 2007 that "I'm sort of writing two things at the moment – one is for children and the other is not for children", adding that it was unlikely her new venture would be another fantasy series. "I think I've done my fantasy. To go and create another fantasy universe would feel wrong, and I don't know if I'm capable of it."

Working on something new felt like a fresh start, Rowling told MTV at the premiere. "I also felt I wanted the last film out of the way before I made any moves on the publishing front. Harry is so huge and I suppose my involvement with the world has still been quite intense," she said. "This feels like a new beginning to me."

(Cited from guardian.co.uk)

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  1. I'm so excited to see what JKR has up her sleeve! And I'm super stoked for Pottermore!

  2. I can understand JKR wanting to wait until Harry was done and over with before moving on to something else. It makes sense. People will follow her and because there's no more Harry, they will be eager to grab up something else by JKR.

  3. I totally understand JKR wanting to leave the Potter stories where they are and move on. But that doesn't stop me from wanting more! I love the Marauders so much, and I've read a few fanfictions, but really, only Rowling can do her characters justice. I'm so sad she won't be writing any more of those.


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