Apr 29, 2012

A Short Rant On Plagiarism

Just seeing the word sets me on edge. Let me say I have had horrible experiences with it.
I have been plagiarized from before—not for one of my blog posts but one of my babies ( which is what I refer to any novel/ short story I write). And here's the reason why: Hours upon hours were spent scribbling down illegible words in the middle of math class, ignoring some of my of homework to jot down important scenes, and staying up late into the many nights so as not to lose my inspiration—thus leaving me tired and drained out the following day—in order to write my novels. My writing is a very important part of who I am. For someone to steal any of it and claim it as their own is beyond soul crushing.
Thus—I do not condone plagiarism. At all. I don’t excuse it. I don’t mark it off as a mistake (because really, 6 stolen blog posts is NOT a mistake). And I most certainly do not give the plagiarist a pat on the back for what they did.
Especially when the plagiarist: tries to cover it up, lies about it, further denies they didn’t do it despite the glaring evidence, and then has to be forced into an apology after finally being caught when the whole situation took place months and months ago. (An apology in which she  mostly is concerned with what the publishers think about her, not her readers)

Not to mention [this] which almost made me cry. [The girl this was sent to is unknown]
In light of recent events I will no longer be participating in the In My Mailbox meme.  Although I'm sure you're already aware, If you’re confused on what’s going on there are some great posts already written on the situation I'm refering to in this post like this one, this one, and this one. And just because I can't leave the world of academia I thought this post on plagiarism was awesome as well.
In other news:
I haven’t received any books this week (which is great! since I have so many that I need to catch up on at the moment) but next week and so on I will be using an alternative to IMM.



  1. I couldn't agree more. Plagiarism is unacceptable, whoever it is done by, and if you have plagiarised, you should apologise and take down the plagiarised content IMMEDIATELY. I'm sorry that you've been plagiarised before and I hope it will never happen again in the blogosphere!

    1. I hope it doesn't happen again either. Plagairism is especially horrible to me because I know how it feels like to have somethng that you wrote originally be stolen by someone else.

  2. I know this is none of my business, but are you really 11? If so, WOW! You write so wonderfully for your age! Both in your blog-posts and writing (which I've read on Inkpop).
    Even if you aren't, you're still an amazing writer. :)
    That letter sent to you by The Story Siren. Wow. I mean, I had tears pricking in my eyes and I wasn't even you.
    I can't say much but that I disagree completely and utterly with her letter.
    - Your reviews are precise, to the point. There's nothing "immature" about it.
    Clearly, all these other Bloggers are jealous because you receive (and are chosen for) more ebooks than they'll ever be. So they're trying to bring you down with hopes you'll stop book-blogging.
    Don't let them bring you down! I think you're an amazing writer/reviewer/reader, and don't you ever think otherwise. :)
    Remy xx

    1. Hey Remy! No this letter was not sent to me, I'm 16. I just thought about this letter being sent to an 11 year ol girl and it made me all teary. 11 is the same age as my little sister. No one deserves to get a letter like that from someone who is considered an authority figure. I thought the whole thing was very petty, condescending, and rude. Whoever that little girl is probably gave up on the book blogging because Krisi deemed her reviews too unproffessional to be seen. Seriously? She's 11. Was she expecting proffessional reviews from a girl so young. *sighs and shakes head*
      And thank you Remy, I could say the same about your writing-which is beyond amazing!:)

  3. I'm feeling pretty stupid and clueless, guys. I didn't really understand anything until this post. I follow The Story Siren, and when Kristi posted an apology on plagiarism, I was all, "WTF?! WHAT FOR?!"

    Okay. I get it now.

    And, who is this 11-year-old? She needs a hug; I'm going to find her blog.


    1. From what I heard she was this girl whose mother was an author and used her daughter to get contacts with people in the publishing industry. But honestly, I don't know the whole situation so it could most likely be a rumor. By the sound of this letter I honestly don't think this girl is blogging anymore. :/

      This letter was written by Kristi (mainly) but a few other bloggers helped her to write it and add their bits about why they found the little girl annoying. I really dislike how the situation was handled. They could have gone about this in a much better way.

  4. I hate plagiarism too! I'm sorry this happened to you. I don't mind people taking ideas though. I don't hold a monopoly on them.

    1. Yeah, using ideas is completely okay. That's how people do research. But taking a minute or two to cite your sources and tell where you got it from doesn't seem like too much to ask.


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