Jun 2, 2010

Planning It Out

A Novel in a Month...
It’s safe to say that writing a 50k novel in one month is no easy feat. I did a little math to give us all some sort of an idea of how exactly to plan things out.

30 days= 1700 words everyday of the month.

20 day= 2500 words a day of the month.

I suggest aiming towards 20 days out of the month. It gives you time to outline and do character sketches and still have days off to do other things. I’m not sticking to either plan. I going to write as much as my brain manages to spill out, but I feel more comfortable having a goal. All YA novels don’t have exactly 50,000 words so I don’t exactly plan on my novel to be 50,000. I actually think it’s going to be a little more than 50k.

For those of you who have blogs I suggest using a Word Count Widget. It provides inspiration and notifies others on your progress.

Make one here on Writertopia:


To change the word count: replace the # in the web address with the # of words that you are currently at. For example: In the web address above I would erase 10,000 and instead add 5,280 if that was the # of words I was currently at.

You don’t have to update it everyday; I suggest doing it weekly.

Happy Writing,


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  1. When it came to writing I never paid much attention to word count for first drafts, at least when I was younger. This led to a 406,087 word tome that was done during a month-and-a-half break. I actually printed it all out too! Reading it now, it's garbage, but I enjoyed it and learned from it.


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