Jun 3, 2010

Words A Day Challenge

Weekly Goals

For inspiration join Inkygirl’s 1000 Word a Day Challenge. Each week on her blog there are weekly check ins where people discuss how much writing they actually got done. I think its great motivation for those of you who are doing BuNoWriMo.

Having goals is an important part of actually getting things done. I strongly suggest visiting Inkygirl’s blog and putting the 1000 word a Day Challenge Badge on your blog/profile.

Weekly Check in:


1000 Word a Day Badge:



Book that I’m currently reading:

by Claudia Gray

So far I really like it, though the last book in the series wasn’t as good as the first and so I wasn’t really expecting much from this. Hopefully the Evernight series will redeem itself. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I think I’ll be making a book review for Hourglass within now and the next week.




  1. ack! I just ordered the second book the other day. now it's moving to the bottom of my to-read pile. you'll have to let us all know about book 3.

  2. I just finished reading it, I'll probably have the review up by tommorow.


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