Dec 8, 2010

Last Sacrifice

Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead came out yesterday! I’ve been waiting for forever! If you haven’t read any of Richelle’s books yet then you should get to it as soon as you can. She’s amazing. Out of all the vampire books out there I can honestly say that Vampire Academy is the best one. Sadly, this will be the last book but I hear there's a spin-off series. I haven't been a very big fan of spin-offs in general but I'm making an exception for VA. :)

You can read excerpts of Vampire Academy on Richelle’s website.


  1. I so agree with you! I hate spin-offs, but pfft! It's VAMPIRE ACADEMY! I'm readin' it! :D

  2. @Evie- Haha, the world building in this series was so great that even if she changed all of the characters it would still be a great read. Ah! I want to read it now but the nearest bookstore is hours away from my house. :(


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