Apr 18, 2011

Trends In YA

I’m sure most of you have heard of the term “trend” before. The dictionary meaning of trend is “a current style or preference”. In our case it means a certain genre is currently hot in the market.

If I remember correctly first there was the vampire trend, then the angel/demon trend, a faerie trend, and then a dystopian trend.

Lately I’ve seen a new trend of books with characters living in European countries (Scotland, France, and England) rather than the US, Steampunk, and books that involve Gods/Goddesses from Greek myth.

Do NOT write a book if your only reason is to fit the trends. The trend might be really hot at the moment but they can eventually die out. The reality is that by the time you’ve finished writing your book there may be a new one. So my advice to you is to not write for the trends, become a trendsetter. The dictionary meaning of trendsetter is “one that sets a trend”.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Trends can make a comeback.

I know Julie is working on a vampire novel that's been approved to published within the next year or so. And Tahereh is debuting with a dystopian novel this November.

If you are writing a book that is currently trendy the key is to MAKE IT ORIGINAL. Whatever makes your book different from all the others in that genre, make it stand out. So if you find that you are writing a book that was/is trendy remember that uniqueness is a very important factor.

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