May 22, 2011

The BEA Conference

My ramble about how awesome it is and how upset I am that I won’t be able to attend...

On Monday May 23—Thursday May 26 there will be editors, agents, bloggers, and (of course) authors from all over the country coming to attend the annual BookExpo America Conference in New York. BookExpo America (commonly referred to within the book publishing industry as BEA) is the largest annual book trade fair in the United States. BEA is almost always held in a major city over four days in late May and/or early June.

At the BEA there will news on the publishing industry, book signings, and I heard some authors (for example Leigh Fallon) are giving out ARC copies of their books.

Although I live in Boston (a mere 5 hours away from NY) I won’t be able to attend even if I wanted to. *Stares broodingly out the window* So to those of you who are lucky enough to able to attend—I’m super jealous of you & I want to read a blog post about how it all went as soon as you come back. :)

The BEA Website



  1. I live in New York City. And I STILL won't be able to go. You know how ironic that is?


    I feel your pain.

  2. @Eeshie - Horrible, right?

    Maybe in the next couple of years (hopefully before the acopalyspe)we'll get a chance to go. ;)

  3. Yeesh, I can't go at all. I live in Cali which is on the other side of the US (but you already knew that...) I wish....especially because of Leigh Fallon. I absolutely love her in the most non-stalkerish way possible. :( I bet you'll go one day.

  4. Whoa, Cali? That would be a cross-country trip.

    I love Leigh too! As a felow inkpopper I think that her accomplishments are amazing. :)

  5. I can't go either, so I'm with you!

  6. Yes, I'll miss it this year too. I went to it the last two years. This time, I spent my surplus cash on hiring a freelance editor to polish a draft of my new manuscript. $ well spent.

  7. I would love to go. I really wish I lived closer to NY...seems like everything is there.

  8. Don't I know it...I am way more than 5 hours away and I was totally...let me say that again...TOTALLY bummed that I couldn't go:(
    We can cry together.

    Also, I just have to mention how awesome and beautiful you blog is! I am in love with it:)

  9. @Catherine- $ well spent indeed. It's awesome that you've been able to get there twice! :)

    @Beth- All my favorite authors always go their on their Book Tours. So yes, everything does feel like it happens there. Not to mention all the publishing houses that are stationed there.

    @Deana- Welcome to the my blog. And thanks, it's nice to have you here.


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