May 21, 2011

Do not be alarmed…

In honor of my Blogaversary I have changed the site around a bit. I hope that you like the new template. I miss the old one a whole bunch, but I’m one of the people who love changes. I can’t stick with one thing forever. I’ve changed around a lot the links on this site, so if you catch something that doesn’t work please let me know.

On another note I’m collecting links of helpful articles for my monthly: Sites For Writers post. If you’ve written an article on writing for your blog or read a good article recently please link to it below and I will link to it in the post.
I’m currently writing an article on something that a lot of writers (even some published authors) seem to mess up quite a lot: How to Write a Fight Scene. It is really easy to write a bad fight scene so it's important that if you’re writing a book that involves fights/battle scenes you do it correctly.

Also, if you have a personal request for writing advice, please leave it below in the comments and I will write an article answering your question as best as I can. :)


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