May 19, 2011


One year of pure awesomeness...

Today is a very special day for two reasons. Exactly one year ago I started Dreamz of a YA Writer on the day of my birthday. At the time I wasn’t expecting to get any followers at all. I just wanted to post my thoughts on books, and write articles on novel writing as a reference for myself. Kind of like an online journal of my thoughts on the craft. But I have to say, blogging has been a far better experience than I ever thought it would be because of YOU—my awesome followers.
I just wanted to say thank you for joining me on my quest of becoming a better writer. I love both learning, and sharing what I have learned with you. I can’t really blog as much nowadays because high school has gotten pretty demanding, and I need to put more focus into it now. But rest assured, I’ll be a lot more active over the summer and on the weekends.

Again, thank you for being AWESOME! Really, I love you guys.

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