May 3, 2011

Teaser Tuesday: Spellbound

Title: Spellbound

Author: Cara Lynn Shultz

I wrote a review last week about how much I loved Spellbound and thought I’d share some non-spoiler teasers with you. To those of you who want to read it the book comes out this July. I’m planning on getting a paperback copy myself because I’d read the ARC as an eBook-file. Although I love reading eBooks there’s something different about the reader experience when you actually have the book in front of you. Plus it’s perfect for me to take out during free time at school.

So without further ado here are your two teasers. Enjoy!

Teaser # 1

I eyed the emergency exit and considered making a break for it.

“Don’t be stupid Emma,” I whispered to myself. “Just two more years of high school. It can’t be worse than living with Henry.”

Teaser # 2

And then he turned those striking green eyes on me.

Ashley was the first to notice. For all her exuberance, she kept her cool pretty impressively. For a minute.

“Oh.My.God.Brendan.Is.Staring.At.You.” She tried her hardest not to move her lips, but failed miserably.

Wow, this girl has absolutely no future as a ventriloquist.

*You can go visit Cara's Website here.

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