Jun 17, 2011

Welcome Kim Baccellia, Author of Crossed Out!

What inspired you to write CROSSED OUT?
Here’s a link to what inspired me to write Crossed Out: http://www.freado.com/book/story/8962/crossed-out

What made you decide to write for young adults?
It just felt like my true voice. I tried to write MG but it was too forced and didn’t feel real. My writing mentor Joyce Sweeney told me to try YA again for this one story and it worked.

Can you tell us a little about CROSSED OUT?
My YA paranormal Crossed Out is about sixteen-year-old Stephanie Stewart and her ability to help the dead go to the other side. She ends up making crosses that she decorates with the essence of the dead.

My husband gave me a ‘What if’ scenario about those crosses you see on the highways. I thought it would be interesting to create a character who ends up taking on the role of ‘rescuer’ all the while being embarrassed to let others know. I also thought it would be fun to add a mysterious guy who tempts Stephanie and makes her question her role

So I hear you’re related to the person who made Tarzan. Can you tell us a little about that?
He’s like a distinct relative. My father used to always tell me whenever he saw me writing that he wasn’t surprised as it was in my blood.

What is your writing process like? Outline or no outline?
I use a story paradigm similar to this link.

I use a screenwriter’s model in which I divide my story into 3 acts. I also use The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler and Campbell’s book on the reluctant hero’s journey.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
Write everyday. Don’t listen to naysayers. Also you need to let rejections not get to you. You have to develop a tough skin in this biz. Just remember even the best had to start somewhere and that means getting rejections.

Random questions

What are your favorite TV shows?
Right now I love VAMPIRE DIARIES. I love Damon! I also love watching DROP DEAD DIVA, GOSSIP GIRLS, GLEE, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, TORCHWOOD, and I’m really enjoying MTV’s TEEN WOLF.

Favorite thing to eat?
Love salmon, California rolls, sweet pig pizza, and anything that uses dark chocolate. Oh, and I love Swedish Berries ice tea from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. And a mocha raspberry ice soy latte from Starbucks is nom worthy too.

Favorite place to write?
In my writing loft upstairs. I can see outside and it’s a nice place to be by myself.

Thanks for sharing with us Kim!

Crossed Out on Amazon!
Kim Baccellia’s Website


  1. Sounds like a great book! And the story behind it is very interesting. Thanks for this interview, Ezmirelda!

  2. I agree -- love that you took something familiar and wove a story around it, Kim. Great interview!

  3. Very nice interview. I enjoyed learning more about you, Kim.

  4. Congrats on the book release! Your writing loft is gorgeous. *tries not to be jealous* ;) I'm in total agreement with you about the importance of writing every day. Getting in the habit of consistency is the best remedy for procrastination that I know of.


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