Sep 21, 2011

☆The Secret Circle ★

I am positively thrilled to tell you that “The Secret Circle”, a series written by L. J Smith, now has its own Television series on the CW. When I was reading the books I actually liked The Secret Circle a lot more than L.J’s other series “The Vampire Diaries”. With that being said I’m really looking forward to watching this!

The author of the bestselling The Vampire Diaries presents a suspenseful new trilogy. Seduced by the Secret Circle, Cassie is initiated into the mysterious "in-crowd,” a coven of young witches whose power has controlled New Salem for 300 years—and risks falling prey to the dark powers in order to have the coven leader's boyfriend.

Anyone else excited to see this? :) The first episode premiered last Thursday. If you’re like me and missed the premiere and haven’t had time to search for re-runs you can watch it here online.



  1. I watched the first episode of The Secret Circle and I had no idea it was a series written by LJ Smith. Interesting. I haven't read The Vampire Diaries, but I do watch the show. My sister read The Vampire Diaries years ago, before the TV show. She loved them. I think they actually changed them though after the show became popular. Is that true?

    I'll be interested to see how close The Secret Circle stays to the books.

  2. I haven't read The Secret Circles novels but I figured if it would be like The Vampire Diaries, then the show would be better than the books... It's off to an intriguing start (the water droplets scene was so pretty!), so I hope the episodes just get better and better from here! :)

  3. I missed the first episode but will definitely watch it. I didn't know LJ Smith wrote this series. I love Vampire Diaries. I have the three books in the series but I must admit I like the series better than the books (I know that's something you don't here too much). But Elena in the book was not that enduring of a protagonist- actually she irritated the heck out of me. The producers for the series must have felt the same way because they made her different along with other major characters -like Bonnie for instance.

  4. it looks interesting, but those actors look WAY older than real high school students. Why does Hollywood do that???

  5. That looks really interesting. I think I might go check it out soon.

  6. @ Kelly- Yes, that's true. It's part of the reason why I stopped watching. When I missed a couple episodes I couldn't place where the story was at because it deviated so much from the book.

    @Midnight- I agree. The water scene was SO beautiful!

    @ Dawn- I felt the same way about Elena -_-. The only reason I held a soft spot for her was because one of the stories I wrote in middle school had a character named Elena.

    @Jessie- I don't know. It puzzles me too. Everytime I watch it and then go to school the next day I see no similarities. I guess it's like that in order to draw audiences from both teens and adults. :)

    Isabel - You should. It's awesome! Just watched it yesterday and it did a good job of sticking with the plot of the book. They only changed a few things like the way Cassie and Adam met.


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