Nov 14, 2011

Give Thanks For Good Books: Harry Potter

Beth Revis, the lovely author of Across the Universe, is hosting a contest in which we are to tell her one book we are grateful for.

The book that I'm most grateful for, of course, is Harry Potter. Without it my childhood would have been a mundane one; lacking in magic, cool broom-flying wizards, a certain lightening-scarred boy, a certain genius, a certain red-head, and a lack of much needed release of escaping into the Wizarding World.

So to sum it up:




  1. That series is the one I am most grateful for too. I didn't get them in my childhood, but reading them to my kids started me on my writing path. They are the best books ever!

  2. They are the best books ever! I'll be re-reading them for years to come. Going on Potter ore was kind of like reliving my childhood again through Harry. The site summarizes every chapter with visuals. ;)

  3. TOTALLY agree! Without Harry Potter, I would have never started reading, let alone writing. Without Harry Potter, my imagination would be shot. Without Harry Potter, I would probably be a very much less accepting, imaginative person.

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