Jan 22, 2012

So apparently BEA is free to book bloggers....

....and yet again, this year I can't go. *cue sad opera music*

The thing is I would have gone this year because my dad would have definetely driven me to the big apple NYC, but then I went to their website and this happened:

Dates of BEA 2012:

Monday, June 4 - Thursday June 7th

Basically all the days of the week that I can't go because I have to be in school. If any of the dates were on Fri-Sun maybe I could have gone. I mean, there's one event for Sunday but it doesn't have to do with blogging.

But if you are a book blogger, and you live close to NYC, and you don't have school Monday through Thursday (maybe your school gets out earlier than mine), and you dont have to go to work that day click HERE to sign up for a FREE pass to BEA. You won't get in automatically; you have to wait about 2 weeks to be approved first. But still, it's a really great opportunity! :)


  1. That would be cool! If I didn't have to fly across the Atlantic to get there :(

  2. Hm. I live in NYC. And NYC public high schools are closed on June 7th.


    1. Lucky! You should definetely think about going. :D


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