Jan 14, 2012

Why I'm Staying Away From Goodreads For Awhile...

There's been way too much drama going around on Goodreads lately between authors and reviewers. I do not appreciate these authors trolling the reviews and then writing mean nasty comments about the reviewer later on twitter and/or other public social media sites. It is a real disgrace to the community. If you're confused follow the links below and it'll explain everything that's been happening since the year began.

This, scroll down to message # 3 (I'm still in complete shock!)


Incidents # 1- 5 Summarized


And then finally the one that set me over the edge:


Authors: If you're not able to develop thick skin then you're unprepared for the business. Getting negative reviews is part of the job description. Not everyone is going to like your book. If you're going to say something mean about a reviewer who took the time to write a review for your book then please do it in private via email, and not in public social media sites such as twitter where EVERYONE can see what you're saying. 

Rant over. That's all I have to say. -__-

What do YOU think about all the drama that's been happening lately?



  1. Wow I had no idea this was happening.

    It's interesting. I honestly don't even know what to think.

  2. Ugh, I hate it. Authors should know that not everyone is going to love their book. There is no book in entire world that everyone loves.

    Responding to negative reviews is very unprofessional on an author's part.

  3. I read about this on Absolute Write today and just blogged about it myself.

    The author is going to suffer because of the behaviour of the agent. Appalling.

  4. Responding to negative reviews is unprofessional and the outcome is never pretty. What's worse is they're openly admitting to messing with the rating systems in order to bump down negative reviews which is stupid and not classy at all. Readers need both positive or negative reviews to tell whether they want to invest their money in a book or not. Oftentimes reading such reviews becomes a selling point for the author so I don't see why they have such a huge aversion to them to the point where they feel like targeting and bullying those reviewers. 

    Sadly, it appears I only caught a small portion of the author VS. reviewer showdown happening lately.

    And so the drama continues....Incidents #6-10


  5. Everyone needs to accept the negative along with the positive regardless of whether you are an author or a reviewer. I think our biggest problem is when we let our emotions take over our writing, we don't think of the impact it'll have and who it'll hurt. But yes, a novel and an author (or a review and a reviewer) need to be taken separately. An attack on a book is not an attack on the author.

    When something is written offensively, the best thing to do is to acknowledge it and move on, not keep the cycle going.

  6. Deena posted something about this, too, but I had no idea what exactly was going on.

    Goodness, I thought adults were more mature than children. ._.

  7. Wendy pushed me over the edge too. I've known her around the community for awhile (not even sure how long) and think she's so respectful even when giving a negative review. Yes the review in question was a little funny, but it had valid points about the book.

    BUT I'm not saying away from goodreads because I don't think it's the community's fault. I almost feel like we have hostile invaders (i.e. the misbehaving authors) who are bringing the neighborhood down. My goodreads friends are still wonderful and supportive. I still rely on their reviews for book selection.

    Honestly it makes me more likely to take a break from reading YA than from goodreads. Because it's the authors, not the readers who are creating problems. Considered spending more time with Netflix actually when all of this first started.

    Maybe I should blog on why I'm sticking with goodreads lol

  8. I've seen this going on. I was a bit surprised but sort of expected it. I think authors sometimes forget that the internet is not somewhere you can hide.

    For example, I can see where everyone in the UK lives and their address and how much they bought that house for.

    I still love Goodreads though. My opinion is that authors should not be able to read reviews on goodreads or should be banned.

  9. I plan on still going on the site. It's not the readers who I'm upset with, it's some of the authors. I love Goodreads, just tired of the drama. :(

  10. Wow! Okay, o I've really been in the dark, hiding under some rock somewhere. This i just so sad! It almost make me fear to voice my own opinion! All I can say i that I always take both positive and negative reviews into account when purchasing a book. Great post! Thank you for informing me and for sharing your thoughts:)


  11. Tough reviews are bitter pills to swallow. But you're right, us authors need to appreciate the time a reviewer took and drink a large glass of water to better be able to swallow the pills. Thanks for posting. Liz


  12. Wow!
    I've read about the GR incidence but i never thought it was THIS serious!

    Authors should be ready for all the good and bad reviews. They should not expect good reviews only.

    I know it's not your intention to discourage anyone from reading that book. You were just being honest.But I'm having a second thought on purchasing it right now.

    Just stay true to yourself.


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