Aug 13, 2012

NEW MEME: Bookish Music Monday [1]

Bookish Music Monday is a weekly meme hosted by me. Find a song that has lyrics or a music video that reminds you of a book.  
BMM Song [1] : Promises by Nero

What’s happening in the video? Christian says... “It's a dystopian futuristic society where the government gives their citizens pills that basically lower their brain levels to the point where they can't love. However, this one girl and guy decide to rebel and not take the pills. Near the middle of the video where she sorta is "spazzing" she is really dancing and expressing herself compared the rest of the people. The two fall in love but get found out and are pulled away from each other.”
What does it remind me of?
The plot for this music video immediately reminds me of Delirium by Lauren Oliver. It’s in a dystopian setting where the government takes away the ability to love. The people who have “the cure” or in this case the pills, are lifeless people controlled easily by the government and pale in comparison to those who still experience unhampered emotions.
What do you guys think? Does the song Promises also remind you of a book youve read?



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