Feb 18, 2013

COVER REVEAL: "Revelations" by J.A Souders

I really loved the first book in the Elysium Chronicles, RENEGADE, by J.A Souders.  You can read my 4 star review of it here. The first book left my head spinning so I have definite plans to continue on with the next. Here is the super-uber beautiful cover of  the second book "REVELATIONS": 

I honestly love this cover a lot more than the first one. The colors are great, and they still incorporated the rose but in a very subtle way (she's holding it and there are a few petals on the ground). I like how she's not in this huge puffy dress anymore, symbolizing a change in her character and also how she is standing above water instead of underneath or in the water. Also, this cover just looks worlds better without that brown border around it! I think the border before was meant to represent the walls of Elysium and maybe in this novel the walls aren't very necessary anymore. I absolutely cannot wait to read Revelations. I'm sure we're in for something possibly even more exciting than the first book. Haha, now if only the wait wasn't so long...


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