Apr 12, 2013

College and whatnot...thank goodness it's finally over

Hey guys! Now that the college admission process is nearly over and I have somewhat of an idea where I'll be heading off to college-landia next year I can get back to reading and blogging - in that exact order. I haven't been able to take a calming breath in months while anxiously waiting to hear back from colleges. It turns out that I'm not going to my first-choice school but I'm okay with that. Life goes on, as they say. Now I just need to sit back, maybe write a couple of scholarship essays, watch TV, do yoga, and read read read read read. I've deprived myself of reading for MONTHS. I honestly don't know how I survived that...

In other words: I'm back from my college-crazed haitus and I'm ready to read like it's no ones business. ;)

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