Jun 16, 2013

Book Talk: When You're Just Not Getting Into It (DNF)


When You're Just Not Getting Into It

> You open a book after giving the back cover a glance through. Semi-awkward protagonist, an interesting premise, a cute love interest to fawn over. Yup, this looks like your kind of read!
>You open the first page. The writing is confusing / not really your style so you keep on having to re-read certain parts of it
> The first and second chapters bore you to tears "when can I get some action????!"
> Some of the characters are so cardboard their names practically spell out the word cliche.
> You chug ahead and wait for something interesting to happen. Nothing does.

> Absolute last resort: start flipping through the and searching for any of the "good parts"
> You stop to read some reviews online. Try to figure out what people liked about this book.
> Stop and wonder why this one person gave the book 5 stars. Were we even reading the same thing? OKAY. Let's try this thing again.
> Go back to reading the book, make it count. No skipping this time! Just give the thing a chance.
> You see another book that is just screaming for your attention and you "accidentally" put the book down somewhere and never look at  it again. Maybe stash it in the back of your bookshelf or cover it with a towel so you don't feel so bad for not finishing it.
> Add the discarded book to your DNF shelf on goodreads

> Someone remarks later about how much they love such and such book. You remember it as the one you canned a few months again.
> You sigh and wonder if you should give the book a chance again.
>  Pick it up and get a slap in the face reminder of why you DNFed it in the first place.
> Give it to someone else who you think might actually like it.

How many times have you had a similar experience? It's frustrating to me because I pick up a book wanting to love it to death and display it on my bookshelf and tell everyone I know about it. 
When I don't like a book I feel awful for a day. 


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