Jul 2, 2010

Interview With Author Daniel Waters!

Welcome our Guestblogger Daniel Waters
Author of the Generation Dead Series

What made you think of writing about teenage Zombies?

I've always loved zombies; and I think they are the perfect universal metaphor for just about any aspect of the human condition, because they are just like us, but dead.

How was it like when you got The Call?

One of the top ten moments of my life, certainly. I worked for many, many years before The Call came.

What do you think? Outline or no Outline?

I usually write a chapter or two and then write an outline. I like an outline. I think of the outline as a fragment of a road map and allow myself to go off into uncharted territory if I feel I need to.

How was the process like while writing Generation Dead?

One of the most enjoyable writing experiences of my life. Went very, very smoothly, as did Kiss of Life. Passing Strange was a little rockier, but I think that is because I explored the darkness a bit more in that one.

How was it like writing from Phoebe’s point of view?

Love it; actually I really enjoy the shifting POVs and writing in different voices. I haven't done Tommy as a POV character, yet...

Do you have any advice for aspiring novelist?

1. Read everyday and read widely. 2. Write some fiction everyday, even if all you can do is a paragraph 3. Understand that not all criticism is valid or even well-intentioned, but the good stuff is gold for you

Favorite TV show?

I am literally watching zero TV right now, just movies. But some of my past favorites are Mystery Science Theater 3000, Homicide, The Wire, The Simpsons, and South Park. I love SpongeBob, too.

Thanks for sharing with us Dan!


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  1. Thanks for being here Dan! It was a pleasure interviewing you :D


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