Jun 29, 2010

The Art of “Not Procrastinating”

a writer's greatest enemy

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all done it before. You make a plan to write, you’re thinking “I’m going to write” all day, but then somehow you never get to it. Something distracting gets in the way and your minds tricks you into forgetting the things you need to do. Long term procrastination normally leads to a dreaded case of writer’s block-and we don’t want that now don’t we?
Comic made by Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Tips on how to master the ‘Art of Not Procrastinating’:

1. Set a goal that’s at your comfort level, and not an enormous one that you know you’re too lazy/ don’t have the time to do.

2. Have something to remind you so that you don’t forget. For example, little sticky notes that say: Write or forever be cursed with Lazywritertidus! (Yeah, that sticky note is on my wall).

3. Tell close friends and family about your writing. Nothing makes for better motivation than the people you love cheering you on.

4. Make writing fun. Doing something you love is different then doing something you consider a chore. Procrastination often starts when writing seems more like a chore. Remember that nothing you write is set into stone. You can change the plot in any new direction you want.

5. Do something else. If you write TOO much, you’re bound to get lazy or tired at some point. Give yourself a break. Have a few laughs, read a book, hang out with friends. Our ideas don’t just come out of nowhere—we get them from experience through our everyday lives.

Note: I managed to get 15k done this week by using these methods. Hopefully it helps you guys too.

Happy writing. :) 



  1. It helps me to set a word goal with another writer and then check in with each other to compare how much we both have written. :)

  2. excellent post, E, and well timed for me. I've had childcare all week and have been battling procrastination like a ... I like your tips. I will def. be making that sticky note today~ Good stuff! :o)

  3. Wonderful advice. :) Thanks for sharing them. Also, congrats on 15k in a week! Wowzer. That's gotta feel good!

  4. @Jennifer-I have a few writer buddies wo I do this with too. :)

    @LTM- Thanks, the sticky note does help, lol. :D

  5. @ Thanks Amanda- Glad I could help. Last week was a really good week for me. :)

  6. Great tips Ezmirelda! I don't procrastinate too badly on my WRITING because I DO love that (and what the heck ELSE am I going to do in the bathtub?) but I have a thousand OTHER things I procrastinate on badly and you have a few applicable reminders here!

  7. That cartoon made me smile and some good tips! :D So for #3, I might say this: Nothing makes for better motivation than having the people you love doubt you. Then you work all the harder to prove them wrong. ;) But that's just me.....

  8. @Valerie- that's so true. Most of my friends have a hard time beleiving that I write books & it's fun showing them my super long word doc. to proventhem wrong. :)

  9. Thank you for this! I needed it big time.


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