Feb 7, 2011

✩100th Follower Giveaway ★

First off I just wanted to thank all my followers, readers, and commentators. You guys made blogging so much fun for me and I always love to read your replies to my posts. The whole community here on blogger has been nothing but supportive and friendly to me. So thanks so much! :)

Here's the bad news: Although I love all of you I can't make this contest International. Sorry! It's open to the US and Canada.

And here's the good news: Instead of picking a book to give away I decided to let the winner choose their book, so the prize is ANY young adult book of your choice.

Just fill out this application here for a chance to win:

*Note: The winner will be picked through random.org

Also, you can add two more points if you add the banner to your sidebar. :)

Good luck!

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